Cunning and luck needed in ‘Armello’


You have constructed mighty walls, slung spells at foes twice your size, and struck partnerships with unexpected allies. You are also a rabbit.

Welcome to Armello.

Armello is a digital board-game with a strong focus on strategy, chance, and tenuous alliances.

Players will take on the roles of heroes from each of the game’s four main factions, completing quests, slinging spells, and engaging in combat.

Abilities, spells and equipment are all acquired in the form of cards the player can use either on themselves, on others, or on the world itself.

The right card at the right time can change everything, so be careful how you manage your hand.

Each hero also possesses their own statistics and a unique ability to give them in edge in the game.

Some are capable warriors, others are better suited to undermining opponents from afar, but all have potential to take the throne for themselves

Of course, you’ll need a little luck to succeed here.

From the dice-based combat, to drawing the right card at the right time, luck is an integral part of Armello’s gameplay.

You can always stack the odds in your favour through equipment, magic and trickery, but sometimes all you can really do is roll those virtual dice and hope to come out on top.


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