51-year-old woman becomes surrogate for daughter struggling with infertility

Breanna Lockwood, left, with her mother Julie, who is also her surrogate.
Image: Instagram/Breanna Lockwood

Social media influencer Breanna Lockwood revealed that after various failed attempts to have a child, she and husband Aaron will finally be parents – thanks to her 51-year-old mother, who is also her surrogate.

Breanna often shares her struggles with infertility with her social media followers, with the hope that her experiences can help other women.

She and her husband have endured a series of disappointments over three years, including an ectopic pregnancy, two miscarriages and a number of failed embryo transfers.

In November last year, the financial burden of trying to be parents saw the couple sell their house to move in with Breanna’s parents while they figured out their next move.

But all this changed when Breanna announced that her mother is not only carrying the couple’s first child, but that she is already passed the first trimester.

“My mom is 51 years old and went through the ringer of heath tests to see if she would qualify to be my surrogate. Starting this venture I was told ‘no’ by multiple REs as the standard cut-off age is 45.”

Her doctor eventually assessed her mother who passed a number of tests including blood tests, stress, cholesterol and a psychology exam.

In a separate post, she wrote “they say it takes a village to raise a child, but for some, it can take a village to have a child”.

Her followers continue to flood her Instagram with congratulatory messages.




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