Eastern Cape Covid-19 cases continue to climb


As the number of Covid-19 cases continues to rise across the province, the office of the premier said it was intensifying efforts to contain the virus through mass screening and targeted testing of significant contacts.

A media statement released on Monday by the premier’s office confirmed that 15,751 people in the province had been infected with Covid-19, with 8,035 recoveries and 285 fatalities as of June 21.

The statement also noted that there were 763 healthcare workers in the private and public sector infected by the virus.

Nelson Mandela Bay Metro, Buffalo City Metro, OR Tambo District Municipality and Chris Hani District Municipality were named as hotspot areas in the province. .

Nelson Mandela Bay Metro has 4,706 people infected. Of these, 2,116 had recovered f and 86 people had died.

Buffalo City Metro has 3,811 people infected by the virus, with 2,039 of these having recovered, and 46 lives lost.

The office of the premier said the province was intensifying efforts to contain the virus through mass screening and targeted testing of significant contacts.

Vulnerable individuals and those with symptoms would be quarantined and isolated, with mass education and awareness programmes being put in place.“There is provision of clean water, sanitation services, shelter for the homeless, welfare support and psychosocial support to the relatives of people we have lost and to our frontline workers.

“We are putting in place sustainable solutions by investing into our health services, facilities and sustainable infrastructure,” the statement read.

The labour inspectorate capacity will be increased as part of the approach to manage hotspots, and a two-week plan to track and isolate and account for all positives also forms part the province’s provisions.

To date, a total of 133,790 lab tests in the province have been conducted by the National Health Laboratory Services.

An additional 14,546 lab tests were conducted by Ampath and 11,508 by Pathcare.

At least 196 schools have closed across all 12 districts of the province due to Covid-19 infections, and 40 of these schools reopened again after decontamination of the buildings took place.

A further 132 schools remain closed and will open after three days of screening and decontamination has been done.


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