Another cold front on the way


South Africans can brace themselves for another cold front later this week, short on the heels of two cold fronts that hit the Western Cape at the weekend.

SA Weather Services spokesperson Hannelee Doubell said the cold front that hit the coast on Saturday was strong but normal — and not the last one.

“This was a strong cold front. We are glad to have cold fronts, it’s normal weather. The two cold fronts followed each other to the Cape since Friday, moved to the Eastern Cape and they were so strong they affected some parts of the country.

“But they are not pushing up to the interior of the country, it’s more in the coastal areas even though some parts of the country are experiencing cold weather conditions,” Doubell said.

The next cold front is expected from Thursday with expected minimum temperatures of -6°C. This is expected to affect the western and southern parts of the country.

The current cold front resulted in strong to gale-force winds along the southwest and south coast and adjacent interior, high seas as well as heavy rain leading to localised flooding in places over the western mountains.

As a result, Cape Town experienced a severe storm accompanied by gale-force winds and flooding on Saturday morning. Trees were uprooted, dwellings destroyed, structures damaged and power outages reported in several suburbs, the city’s disaster operations centre said.

Strong winds were still being experienced in the Western Cape, Northern Cape, Eastern Cape and southern parts of the Free State on Sunday.


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