Load-shedding from midday as power plant breakdowns increase: Eskom

Eskom says constrained supply may persist throughout the weekend. The utility thanked the public for reducing usage the past two evenings and asked for this to continue in order to reduce load-shedding as much as possible. Image: BLOOMBERG/WALDO SWIEGERS


Rolling power cuts returned on Friday with Eskom announcing it is implementing stage 2 load-shedding from noon to 10pm.

There is a also risk of electricity cuts during the weekend.

In a statement, Eskom said: “This load-shedding has been caused by an increase in plant breakdowns exceeding 3,000MW of capacity.”

Eskom said five generation units were taken off the grid on Thursday night. On Friday morning, the power utility experienced a breakdown at the Matimba power station, which has resulted in the need for load-shedding.

“Two units at the Arnot power station, as well as a unit each at Kendal, Tutuka and Majuba, were taken off the grid last night and this morning. These removed more than 3,000MW of capacity from the system. The delayed return to service of a generation unit at the Duvha power station has added significant pressure to the generation system.”

Tshwane was the first metro to announce it was implementing load-shedding at stage two from midday on Friday, effective until 10pm.

Eskom warned: “This constrained supply may persist throughout the weekend. We request the public to reduce electricity use between 4pm and 10pm to help limit load-shedding.

“Over the past two evenings, the help of the public assisted us in avoiding load-shedding,” the utility said.



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