SA moves into global top 10 for Covid-19 cases

SA has 264,184 confirmed cases of Covid-19, the tenth highest number of infections globally.

This after the health minister confirmed 13,497 new cases in SA since Friday night, along with 111 deaths.

SA passed Iran’s total of 255,117 cases, according to figures released by the health ministry on Saturday night. There are now 12,723,268 cases across the globe.

Gauteng has the highest number of cases (93,044), followed by the Western Cape (77,336), the Eastern Cape (48,232) and KwaZulu-Natal (23,753).

In terms of deaths, the Western Cape leads the way with 2 333 fatalities, followed by the Eastern Cape with 664, Gauteng with 580, and KwaZulu-Natal 273.

There were also a reported 127,715 recoveries.

The data was based on 2,108,570 tests to date, of which 51,338 were done between Saturday and Sunday.


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