More load-shedding on the horizon, says Eskom CEO

Keep those candles handy, because load-shedding looks like it may continue for some time still.

Eskom CEO Andre de Ruyter
Picture: FILE

This is according to Eskom CEO Andre de Ruyter, in an interview on Radio 702 recently.

According to de Ruyter, the current round of load-shedding has been brought on by a number of different factors.

“Given the fact that we are now in our 13th year of load-shedding, the fact that we have had a history of state capture and corruption, that we sit with a generation system that has been neglected and poorly maintained, these things are now catching up with us despite the best efforts of our engineers and technical teams,” he said.

There has also been an increased demand from consumers due to the cold weather, the coldest winter recorded in SA in ten years, which de Ruyter said exceeded what they had anticipated.

While Eskom was able to perform some much-needed maintenance during the early stages of lockdown, de Ruyter said it wasn’t enough.

“The short-term maintenance that we were able to conduct during the initial stages of lockdown was aimed at the fixing of known issues.

“But this did not include the long-term maintenance where we shut down a unit from top to bottom and we fix and repair everything at the plant,” he said.

This would take between 80 to 100 days, he said.

“I can’t catch up for 13 years in such a short time,” he said.


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