Trolley loads of food and blankets donated to EL SPCA

HELPING OUT: Vincent Park Centre manager Joseph Parsley, left, with ‘overwhelmed’ EL SPCA general manager Sonjia Slabbert during the handover of food and blankets on Monday. Customers donated trolley loads of food to the shelter

The East London SPCA received trollies worth of much-needed food and blankets on Monday after the conclusion of a collection drive organised in collaboration with Vincent Park Centre.

The collection ran from July 3 to 18. EL SPCA general manager Sonja Slabbert said the animal shelter was overwhelmed by the support received.

“What I always say to people is that if you can’t feed every animal, start off by feeding just one.

“This is the result of all our amazing supporters just feeding one animal each.

“Now we can feed our entire sanctuary,” she said.

In addition to donations from shoppers, the SPCA was also able to buy food and blankets with money raised through collection tins.

“In the spirit of Mandela Day, you light a small fire and it becomes a big flame. We’ve done very well,” Slabbert said.

Vincent Park Centre’s marketing manager, Mariaan Hartwig, said they were glad to have been able to help the SPCA.

“It was fantastic for us to be able to assist the SPCA, especially during a time when it is difficult for a lot of people to make a difference,” she said.


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