‘Illegal sales of alcohol hamper our efforts’: Restaurant association to restaurateurs


The Restaurant Association of SA (Rasa) has condemned illegal sales of alcohol at some restaurants.

This comes after claims on social media that some restaurants, particularly in Cape Town, have been selling alcohol despite the ban on liquor sales.

Rasa chief executive Wendy Alberts acknowledged that the association is aware of the claims.

She said restaurants should not break the law, despite the economic impact the lockdown regulations have had on the industry

“As much as I do not agree with the current regulations, anarchy serves no benefit to a democratic society. The only way we can ensure victory is by following the laws to obtain said victory,” said Alberts.

President Cyril Ramaphosa imposed a second ban on alcohol sales last month, citing an increase in alcohol-related trauma incidents.

Alberts said the illegal sale of alcohol by restaurants only served to hamper the efforts made by Rasa and other organisations.

“I have been inundated with messages regarding the illegal sale of alcohol by restaurants,” she said.

“I know some are doing what they are doing out of necessity, but these incidents only serve to hamper the efforts Rasa and other organisations are making in trying to convince the government we can self-regulate.

“I ask that all restaurants comply with the law until the law is changed. I do not want to lose any more restaurants, but more especially I do not want to lose restaurateurs. Please let me know how to better serve you, and let us know if you need assistance with the [temporary employer/employee relief scheme] Ters UIF or landlord negotiations,” she said.


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