SPAR virtual challenge in support of GBV victims

To do its part to help tackle gender-based violence (GBV) in SA, SPAR has promised to donate the entry fee proceeds from its upcoming Women’s Virtual Challenge to organisations that support GBV victims.

TAKING A STAND: Philicity Reeken is one of the ambassadors for the upcoming SPAR Women’s Virtual Challenge

“SPAR has pledged to take action against gender-based violence by offering tangible support to victims on a sustainable basis.

“I commit myself and my organisation to be part of working towards a practical solution to free our society from all gender-based violence,” said SPAR Group Ltd CEO Graham O’Connor.

For every entry into the virtual challenge, SPAR has promised to donate a food parcel to someone who has experienced GBV.

The parcels will be distributed with help from the Jacaranda FM Good Morning Angels.

Two of the ambassadors for the event are Philicity Reeken and Leilani Kuter, both of whom have been victims of GBV.

“I think we are falling short in a number of areas. Reporting cases is a nightmare for women who report them. Police investigation is deplorable and bail is far too low and too easy to get,” said Reeken.

“Rape apologists are everywhere, men don’t hold men accountable and we are still seeing victim blaming and shaming.”

Kuter said it was important that GBV victims sought professional help.

“Please start talking about it . . . please don’t walk alone with the pain inside of you,” she said.

The SPAR Women’s Virtual Challenge will take place on September 26 from 6am to 6pm.

To enter, visit For more details visit the event’s website.


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