No repairs, maintenance undertaken at Cambridge flat for years

CRUMBLING: The walls around Garcia Flats have collapsed in multiple places

“They don’t cut the grass, they don’t clean up, nothing. Nothing gets done.”

This was the lament of Joan Petzer, a resident of Block A in Garcia Flats, Cambridge, who says her apartment has been affected by damp damage for over three years.

PEELING AWAY: The roof in Joan Petzer’s apartment is damaged due to damp, which she says started three years ago

“Three years ago I reported it, because it started bubbling down the side,” Petzer said.

“All these tiles have been lifted and we tried to replace the door because of the damp damage as well.”

Petzer said the problems began three years ago but nothing has been done since, despite numerous complaints.

“They’ve got to know that nothing’s getting done,” she said.

“I don’t know why they can’t help us fix it. I don’t know why it’s a battle to get things fixed.”

In addition to the damage caused, Petzer said she was also stuck footing the bill for all the water being wasted.

“We’re paying for water which is leaking, even though it’s not our fault,” she said.

Petzer also raised concerns about the lack of maintenance of the rest of the building.

EASY TO SEE: The damage is clearly visible even on the outside wall of the apartment

The GO! & Express visited Garcia Flats last week and found that the wall around the complex was broken in multiple places, the grass was overgrown and piles of rubbish dotted the courtyard.

When contacted, the caretaker of Block A said they had passed the complaints on to their superiors and could not comment without their permission.


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