Red Alert expands CCTV coverage to boost security

East London-based Red Alert Service Solutions has expanded their community patrol initiative with the recent installation of another CCTV camera pylon the Pearce Street intersection in Berea.

The intiative, which started in January 2018, saw Red Alert erect pylons in 15 suburbs around East London, all of which are monitored 24/7 at their control centre.

According to Red Alert, the use of CCTV serves as an effective deterrent to criminals because it increases the probability of detection and helps authorities track criminals on the move.

“There has been a surge of car accidents, vehicle theft and house breakings around the metro and these essential security upgrades will go a long way toward ensuring safer communities and peace of mind for thousands of residents,” said Red Alert Electronic Security regional manager Alistair Bleach.

Red Alert employee Brett Harvey said they would continue to collaborate with BCM in order to improve security in the area.

“We continue to work toward earning the trust of the consumer and with this initiative.

“We hope to demonstrate that we are willing to go above and beyond to keep our community safe,” he said.


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