Ihlanza River kicking up a stink

MYSTERY: There was a foul smell surrounding the Ihlanza River over the weekend and dead fish were strewn across the beach

EDIT: Article has been updated to include the latest BCM response

Those visiting Nahoon Beach over the weekend were treated a rather disgusting surprise.

A powerful stench seemed to eminate from the Ihlanza River, known by its more infamous nickname ‘The Turdy’, and dead fish littered the river mouth.

The GO! & Express reached out to DA councillor Jason McDowell to try and find out what had caused the mess but he said that at the time of writing, it remained a mystery.

“When I was sent all the complaints, I got hold of a few different sections of the department [of water and sanitation],” McDowell said.

“They guy that looks after the pump stations says that they’re all working; the guy who looks after the reticulation, that is the pipes, leading to all the pump stations, they’ve done a check from Vincent all the way to the Turdy and they cannot find the leak.”

McDowell said that the department of water and sanitation was investigating the matter.

“At the moment, they just don’t know,” he said.

BCM spokesperson Samkelo Ngwenya said BCM was aware of the problem and was looking into it.

“Yes there is confirmation of fish kills over the weekend. We are investigating possible sewage spillage in the area.

“A contractor will be on site on Thursday [October 29] to conduct bush clearing to gain access to the sewage pipelines.

“We have also taken water samples from the stream, to confirm any traces of feacal coliform as confirmation of sewage contamination. Test results should be out by Thursday,” Ngwenya said.

The Ihlanza River is believed to start at a spring in Vincent, and flows for approximately 1.5km underground.

It emerges into the open near Chambelain Road, and continues to flow between both Port Rex and Hudson Park High Schools. Next, it flows under the North Eastern Expressway, past the Nahoon Reef Driving Range and finally meets the sea at Nahoon Beach.


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