Pervert grandfather jailed for two life terms after raping girl‚ 9

A 73-year-old man who raped his granddaughter‚ aged nine‚ while her mother and his wife were at work has been sentenced to two life terms and 20 years’ imprisonment.

A grandfather raped his own grandchild when she was just nine years old.
Image: Eugene Coetzee

The man was convicted by the Pretoria North Regional Court of two counts of rape‚ four counts of sexual assault and one count of exposing his granddaughter to pornography.

The NPA’s Lumka Mahanjana said the crimes were committed between 2014 and 2016.

“The minor and her brother were left in the care of the grandfather while their mother and grandmother were at work.

“The minor confided in her father’s friend about her ordeal after he noticed that something was wrong with the child. The friend told the child’s father who then reported the matter to the police.”

The prosecutor‚ advocate Hanlie du Preez‚ said the sentence sent out a strong message to offenders who committed crimes against children.


Source: ARENA Holdings.


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