Plenty of fun at Adventure Mile and Market

The Booti Brothers and their lime green octopus mascot for being the overall winners.

Hope Schools was delighted to host their inaugural Adventure Mile and Market, sponsored by Vodacom4U, Berea on Saturday, December 5.

This event was an end-of-year fundraiser to support the amazing work done by Hope Schools in our community.

The adventure mile — a 1,6km race — pitted participating teams against each other while overcoming 10 obstacles along the way.

The obstacles posed a variety of challenges, with some designed to test strength, agility
and teamwork, while others involved brainteasers geared more towards testing logic and

Highlights of the race were definitely the 3m “wall” where teams had to work together,
pushing and pulling, to get over. The rope climb and 3D “burger” puzzle were other fun speed bumps. However, it was agreed that the new school indoor rock climbing wall was the overall team favourite.

The event was geared towards family fun and many teams got into the spirit by dressing up, bringing mascots along and inventing silly walks and songs.

Vodacom4U in Berea were fantastic race sponsors and provided incredible prizes and lucky draws.

Congratulations to the Booti Brothers and their lime green octopus mascot for being the
overall winners by conquering the course in a lightning 23 minutes and 56 seconds!

The race was a great success and the school aims to build on this next year. Look out for
2021’s event with more obstacles, more fun and some big splashes.

In order to make sure the race was as safe as possible in light of the ongoing pandemic, the entry process was contactless and each team had a specific time slot so that there
was only one team on each part of the course at a time.



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