Don’t be a ‘mampara’, says Solidarity Fund

As 2021 gets underway and the country starts returning to work, the Solidarity Fund is appealing to citizens to not act like “mamparas” by ignoring health and safety practices.

STAY SAFE: The Solidarity Fund is urging workers to practice proper health and safety measures such as wearing a face mask when out in public

“We are imploring and reminding everyone to keep up with simple behavioural basics to stop the spread of coronavirus,” said Solidarity Fund behavioural change pillar executive head Wendy Tlou.

Tlou pointed to the alarming spike in Covid-19 cases in the four days after Christmas Eve, where 50,000 new infections were recorded. She also highlighted how SA experienced 17,710 new infections on December 30, the highest number of recorded cases in a 24-hour period in the country.

The Solidarity Fund said that workers must make sure to memorise three key practices in order to minimise the risk of infections.

Wear a face mask when out in public and ensure it covers both your mouth and your nose.

Remain at home whenever possible and obey the lockdown restrictions.

Practice social distancing and maintain a 1.5m to 2m distance between you and other people.

“If we protect ourselves, then we protect others, and together we protect our country. Let’s learn to co-exist with this virus safely in the workplace and in traveling to and from work. Whether we work in an office, shop, factory, petrol station, gyms, restaurants, let us reinforce the basics of ensuring our safety and health,” she said.

To help get this message across, the Solidarity Fund recently launched their new #UnityInAction campaign which went live on television, radio, print, digital and social media.

The fund was established last year to serve in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. It works to augment the government’s response to the virus by assisting existing programmes and initiatives across all nine provinces.

For more information, visit the Solidarity Fund website.


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