SPCA calls for public support

It may be a new year, but for many organisations the old problems still remain.

ANIMALS IN NEED: EL SPCA general manager Sonia Slabbert is calling on members of the public to help the organisation wherever they can

In October last year, the GO! & Express talked with EL SPCA general manager Sonia Slabbert, who said that the ongoing national lockdown had hit them hard financially (‘SPCA funds running low’, October 8 2020).

According to Slabbert, they are still being negatively affected.

“[Under level 3] I had to issue permits for our inspectors who work standby afterhours, as the amount of afterhours calls have increased significantly,” Slabbert said.

“We have to limit the amount of people inside our charity shop, which results in us losing sales as people are not prepared to wait.”

The EL SPCA operates a charity shop in Vincent Road that deals in second-hand and pre-loved goods.

“We are seeing a significant increase in people surrendering their pets as they can no longer care for them,” said Slabbert.

The restrictions in place due to the lockdown have hampered the SPCA’s ability to effectively raise funds.

“We are still unable to plan fundraising events such as our annual golf day. A lot of our fundraising in the past relied on the hospitality industry such as our ladies breakfast, the golf day [and] Father’s Day/Mother’s Day dinners,” said Slabbert.

She encouraged members of the public to get involved and help where they can.

“Sponsor goods such as PPE for staff, help with food donations especially puppy and kitten food. We need help with repairs and maintenance and cash donations towards our huge medical bill,” Slabbert said.

The EL SPCA will also be holding an open day on February 14 together with Chas Everette.

For more information, visit the EL SPCA Facebook page, email gm@elspca.org.za or call 043-745-1441.


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