School of Music rocking for 25 years

SOUND OF MUSIC: School of Music founder Widor Toit poses with his students who passed the Trinity College London piano exam. Standing from left, Basanda Mpetile (68%), Sebastian Chang (90%), Zhiheng Chen (71%), Zhiqi Chen (76%), Widor Toit and Matthew Muller (95%). Sitting from left, Mylin Lian (81%) and Shuoyi Chen (80%)

US radio personality Dick Clark once said that “music is the soundtrack of your life”.

School of Music founder Widor Toit would certainly know a thing about that, having taught it for over two decades.

Toit founded his school back in January 1995 and has been teaching students in piano, singing church organ and keyboard ever since.

He said the number of students usually ranges between 32 and 38 per month and he is proud of their achievements.

“Two students have passed the Associate Trinity College London (ATCL) diploma in piano and one in singing, and this year one student will tackle the ATCL in piano and another in singing,” he said.

The ATCL is an online diploma offered by Trinity College in the UK focusing on performing arts.

“Covid-19 aside, we aim to have three concerts a year at the Guild Theatre where all the students have an opportunity to display their talents,” Toit said.

To enroll in the School of Music, contact Toit at 043-748-3167.


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