Project shows appreciation to frontline heroes

In order to show their appreciation for the gruelling work being undertaken by frontline healthcare workers, three people have teamed up with Gift of the Givers to kickstart the Hospital Heroes movement.

Founders Khilona Radia, Nisaar Pangarker and Dr Zameer Brey are looking to raise funds in order to purchase refreshments and distribute them to the hard-working medical staff.

The project was initially focused only on the Western Cape but the trio say they are now planning to expand nationally.

Brey and Radia had worked together on independent projects over the festive season when mutual friend Pangarker suggested they combine forces to increase their scope.

“This is a campaign to share some love and care to our hospital heroes. Our hospitals are battlegrounds and our frontline staff the fatigued infantry who, despite the enormous risk to themselves, continue selflessly every day to care for others,” said Radia.

“We wanted to show them all that we recognise them and are grateful to them for their skills as well as the sacrifices they have made at the expense of their families and their sleep.

“Hospital Heroes is a way to show we care for them and I would like to encourage every person in South Africa to get involved, no matter how small or big.”

Western Cape department of health COO Dr Saadiq Kariem said they were grateful for the project’s help.

“For us as a department, this is an amazing effort. What we see behind us here, these donations, have come about in a matter of hours where the community and businesspeople have just opened their hearts to our staff,” Kariem said.

“We have thousands of donations that are being brought here today and to other hospitals and we are immensely appreciative of the efforts.”

Cash donations can be made to the following account:

Gift of the Givers

Standard Bank, Pietermaritzburg

Account number 052137228

Branch Code 057525,

Ref Hospital Heroes

Please email a deposit slip to in order to receive a Section 18A tax deductible certificate.

For bulk donations, call the toll-free number 080-078-6911.


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