Chester Missing slams claims that EC name changes are ‘bad for tourism’


Controversial puppet Chester Missing has hit back at suggestions that recent name changes in the Eastern Cape may affect tourism in the province, calling the argument “moronic”.

Chester Missing has weighed in on recent name changes in the Eastern Cape.

Port Elizabeth, Uitenhage and other parts of the Eastern Cape hit the headlines this week after sport, arts and culture minister Nathi Mthethwa gazetted several name changes on Tuesday.

Port Elizabeth will now be known as Gqeberha and Uitenhage as Kariega. Port Elizabeth Airport was also renamed Chief Dawid Stuurman International Airport.

King William’s Town is now Qonce and Maclear is now Nqanqarhu.

The changes come after two years of fierce debate and opposition in some quarters.

Responding to some of the arguments against the name changes, Chester took to Twitter on Thursday to rubbish suggestions that it could hurt tourism in the area.

“This idea that giving our cities South African names is bad for tourism because the tourists won’t be able to say the name is so moronic,” he said.

He added that “experiencing new things is the whole point of tourism” and many visited the country to take in out cultural heritage.

He earlier took the subject head-on, cracking a joke about those who chose to travel elsewhere because they aren’t able to say the new name for Port Elizabeth.


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