Dissatisfied East London Bolt drivers down tools over working conditions


East London Bolt drivers downed tools on Tuesday as they embarked on a three-day strike over their working conditions.

Bolt drivers in East London downed tools on Tuesday.
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A document sent to DispatchLIVE by East London Bolt Drivers Association (ELBDA) spokesperson, Unam Mbono​, raised a wide range of issues involving the drivers, Bolt and the clients. The document was drafted by all the dissatisfied drivers during their meeting.

According to the document, there are no complaint offices where the issues regarding Bolt irregularities and client behaviour can be addressed.

“Bolt takes 27% of Bolt driver’s salaries, which is detrimental to the Bolt driver’s livelihood considering the fact that the South African taxation is well bellow that but 13%,” read the document.

“So the bolt weekly commission should go back to the original 15% commission, this time, monthly.”

Another burning issue was a 4% booking fee.

According to the drivers, Bolt shouldn’t have a booking fee when they already take a 27% commission from Bolt drivers’ salaries.

Other issues raised include the following:

  • Unprotected drivers. There’s is a large number of Bolt vehicles being stolen.
  • Bolt should have a client profile that allows the Bolt driver to complain about the trip and the client.
  • A client’s profile should be verified with their certified ID copy and proof of address before approval.
  • Clients are not compliant and Bolt drivers have no say over non-compliance.

The drivers suggested that Bolt should add a panic button on the bolt driver app to get assistance from Bolt or the authorities. The button, they said, should also be able to track their location from a pined cellphone tower or activity.

The concerned drivers appealed to Bolt to address payment-related issues.

Attempts are being made to get comment from Bolt.


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