Spaza shop owners bust selling dagga to students in East London

Entrepreneurs who set up spaza shops outside universities normally sell students sweets and biscuits.

The Hawks have bust spaza shop owners for selling dagga to students in East London.
Image: 123RF/hanohiki

But two spaza shop owners in East London — with high business expectations — allegedly decided to sell them dagga instead.

The pair will greet a magistrate on Wednesday after the Hawks swooped on them outside the Buffalo City College on Monday.

Hawks spokesperson Cpt Yolisa Mgolodela said they pounced after getting wind of underhanded dealings at a mobile spaza shop.

“The arrest was as a result of reported dagga dealing activities observed between March 3 to 8‚” said Mgolodela.

The suspects allegedly used a mobile spaza shop parked in front of the Buffalo City College in Southernwood.

“They pretended to sell food and drinks to the students when their main generator of income was selling dagga‚” she said.

“The team swooped in on the unsuspecting dealers and the resultant search of the trailer revealed 82 packets of dagga being seized for further analysis.”

Source: ARENA Holdings.


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