Public comment wanted on Integrated Waste Management Plan

HAVE YOUR SAY: Litter piles up at an illegal dumping site in Jennings Road. BCM has released a draft Integrated Waste Management Plan which aims to improve the municipality’s waste collection services

BCM is inviting the public to submit comments on the draft Integrated Waste Management Plan.

According to a presentation given to councillors in April this year, the main aim of the plan is to “give effect to the constitutional right regulating waste management in the country and the municipality”.

The plan also aims to promote and ensure effective waste service delivery.
In a presentation made in September, BCM highlighted a number of key challenges that they said needed to be given priority.

These included:

  • access to refuse removal services
  • the state of cleanliness in BCM
  • insufficient levels of waste recycling and diversion
  • compliance issues, and
  • the state of the waste management fleet

Under the proposed Management Plan, the municipality said its short term goals will include installing more rubbish bins, establishing community-based cleaning projects, enforcing compliance at landfill and garden transfer sites, and focusing on waste minimisation projects.

In the medium term, BCM said they were looking to crack down on the enforcement of existing by-laws, roll out awareness campaigns and introduce waste management peace officers.

Residents have until November 30 to submit their comments to

The draft policy, as well as two presentations summarising it, can be downloaded from the BCM website.


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