Joel Kim Booster, Maya Rudolph, Ron Funches star in a new comedy, Loot, available on AppleTV+

Maya Rudolph is one of the funniest female comedian actresses out there and her new TV series, Loot, is the perfect treat for her fans.

It is a workplace comedy starring Rudolph as Molly, a rich billionaire recently divorced and saddled with a charitable foundation she has no idea what to do with.

As she recovers from a public separation from her husband, she decides to start working with her foundation in an attempt to live a more meaningful life.

Having lived the high life and not working for more than 20 years, Molly is faced with a rude awakening as she discovers what the world is like for people less well off than herself.

Together with her down-to-earth colleagues, she navigates her new life and ends up learning more about herself in the process.

The show starts off a bit slow as it lays down the storyline’s foundation.

However, it soon picks up after the third episode when we start to see the dynamics of each of the supporting characters and what they contribute to the plot.

The casting is brilliant, with each character authentically portraying their characters.

The show also explores the extra storylines without taking away from the main character’s story.

It also features a fun cameo by Sean Evans, host of the popular YouTube show Hot Ones, which features guests eating spicy hot wings as they answer his questions.

The inclusion of Evans’ show gives Loots a meta feel, providing a contemporary audience a frame of reference from which to understand Molly’s social and financial state and just how out of touch she is with the concerns of ordinary people.

The interpersonal struggles that the characters face make their stories easy to relate to.

This comes through in scenes that show a father who tries hard to impress his teenage daughter and the man who needs a bit of help keeping the spark in his eight-year relationship alive.

If you are able to look beyond the excessive displays of wealth, it can be an enjoyable and relatable show.

It is also interesting to see the transition of the main character from being a tone-deaf rich person with no understanding of what life is like for the average person, to becoming a woman with a full grasp of what it takes to be compassionate and selfless.

The Apple TV+ production perfectly displays the lives of the rich and wealthy and how out of touch they are, but also demonstrates the possibility of inner reform and learning about selfless charity.


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