Neumann’s third book self-reflective


Critically-acclaimed East London photographer Marlene Neumann has released her third book, A Dance With Life, in which she shares anecdotes of wisdom, accompanied by selected images.

The book is filled with stories of Neumann’s life and her reflections on various topics including suffering, gratitude, self-discovery, and healing.

Her most personal book yet is vastly different from her two previous releases, Sky Meets Land and Ebb and Flow, she says.

“I’m very proud of this book because I have completely made myself vulnerable and shared my personal journey,” Neumann said.

“I’ve discovered joy and freedom to be myself, flowing with the rhythm of life. Learning that by accepting myself, owning the darkness in my life, and how to be open to spirit, has helped me understand what life is about.

“With nature as my teacher, I’ve learned that connecting to my inner self has allowed me to find serenity, embracing my whole self. Being in flow with life is a beautiful dance if we simply surrender to the moment and have compassion for ourselves.”

The book includes black and white stills reminiscent of impressionist photography, taken by Neumann at various stages of her career.

The images bring the viewer into a deeper connection with the subjects in the frame. Stills such as Lion Cubs, The Gates, Serene Tree, Salute The Sun, and Vine Leaf shifts the viewer to a deeper level of internal reflection.

Each perfectly captures Neumann’s skills and her spiritual journey.

“This book is the story of how I dance with life, waltzing now, fox-trotting or doing hip-hop on another day, and sometimes just sitting out, watching others dance.

“The images in the book reflect various insights nature has shown me as I’ve danced with life.

“So in that sense of connectedness and unity, the images and thoughts in this book reflect not just parts of me but also part of me. The ways in which you respond to them will reflect your dance with life,” she said.

Neumann has been a photographer for more than 40 years.

One of her projects, the Buckaroo Sterilisation Drive, focuses on the sterilization of dogs in informal settlements within East London.

Her adventures with her projects and the lessons she’s learned are also included in the book.

The book is currently available on international platforms such as Amazon, AbeBooks, Rakuten Kobo, Goodreads, and Barnes & Nobles.


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