Summer Sunshine Holiday

It is the season of giving and unselfish East London children are happy to be giving to others and not only receiving this Christmas.

The GO! reporter THANDEKA NTLONTI asked kids what they would like for Christmas, how they spend it and what this special day meant to them.

Michael Miller – 7

I spend Christmas with my whole family and this year I want to buy a new tent for my dad. To me Christmas day is special because it is Jesus’s birthday.

Athule Zaphi – 10

This Christmas I will buy a gift for my sister Sandisiwe. We [my family] spend Christmas in the rural areas going around houses giving out treats to people and other children [less fortunate]. We also dress up in new clothes. At my house there is always cake and chocolates on Christmas day.

Daneika Scheckle – 11

I spend Christmas day with my mom, dad and grandparents. Christmas day is the day Jesus Christ was born and we must celebrate it with the people we love. This Christmas I would love a horse as a gift.

Caitlin – 11 and Lleyton Alexander – 12

We spend Christmas in Queenstown as a family and we all gather around and share our Christmas gifts. Our grandparents give us the most gifts. We also give out gifts to our mom, dad and our grandparents.

Asiphe Xobole – 12

I will be spending Christmas in Beaufort West with my mom and dad. We play games as the family and the children receive presents. My mom cooks and we have very nice food. This Christmas I would like Addidas Flux sneakers as my present.

Lilitha Busakwe – 11

I spent all my Christmas days in East London with my mom. My siblings and I play and my mom cooks for the family. Christmas is special because it is the day Jesus Christ was born.



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