Gift of movement for Rose


VIBRANT AND MOBILE: The Sweethearts and Premier FMCG(Star Bread Bakery) donated a wheelchair toRose Matroos. Pictured, from left, Christine Boucher (brand ambassador), Dupie Du Plessis, Adele Petzer, Neil Littleford, Khutala Dada and Matroos in wheelchair.

THE Sweethearts Foundation together with Premier FMCG gave Rose Matroos the “gift of
movement” when they donated a wheelchair to the double amputee. Premier FMCG (Star Bread Bakery) – proud supporter of the Sweethearts Foundation –is an organisation that provides wheelchairs to those in need through the Tops and Tags initiative.The initiative sees plastic bottle tops and bread tags recycled in exchange for wheelchairs. Matroos received her new wheelchair at the Premier FMCG premises in East London on Saturday. Matroos is a very vibrant 92-year-old and has been a diabetic for more than 20 years. She has a fantastic personality and is an inspiration to those who know her. In 2007, she had her left leg amputated due to gangrene then in 2008 her right leg was amputated. “I am so grateful, I cannot begin to express how I feel. It is an honour to receive such a gift. I have had my old
wheelchair for more than 10 years now,” Matroos said. The “Give someone the gift of movement” initiative aims to provide wheelchairs to those in need through their Tops & Tags initiative where plastic bottle tops and bread tags are recycled in exchange for wheelchairs.
A wheelchair is equivalent to15kg of bread tags, Premier FMCG’s Bakery division donates
bread tags to this worthy cause. To date, Premier FMCG bakeries have collected bread tags that weigh 740.5kg, which equates to 49.4 wheelchairs. The East London Premier FMCG bakery has collected bread tags weighing 111.8kg which is equivalent to seven wheelchairs.
Premier FMCG brand ambassador, Christine Boucher, said: “This is a small token of our love from all of us at Premier bakery. You showed us that you can live a normal and longer life.
“We wish you nothing but the best and enjoy moving around in your new wheelchair.”


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