Young Kaylim sets sight on victory

AS THE new karting season sets in, local karting champion, Kaylim Padayachee prepares to race to claim first place once again.

Kaylim started racing in 2014 at the young age of five.

“It was such an amazing experience for him and for us,” father, sponsor and trainer, Nathanael Padayachee said.

In 2015, Kaylim started his first official year of racing the 50cc Cadet Kart. After finding his feet, Kaylim managed to claim first place in his third race that year.

In the following races Kaylim aimed high and managed to win the last race of the season, making him the 2015 Border Cadet Champion at the young age of six.

“Kaylim never really cared about winning. He had fun irrespective of the position he came in, but he really surprised us all when he won that third race of the 2015 season,” Padayachee said.

Last year, Kaylim claimed first position in both the EP Kart King Cadet Challenge Championship as well as the 2016 Border Karting Championship in the 50cc Cadet Class.

“It was a tough year of racing as we experienced many mechanical issues, most of which were new to us. [Yet] we are so proud of him,” Padayachee said.

As the reigning Border Karting Champion, Kaylim hopes to achieve great things as the karting season starts this weekend with the first official race of the year.

This year Kaylim will be moving up to the 60cc Mini Rok Class in the eight to 13 age category.

“There is no pressure on Kaylim, as long as he has fun and stays safe I’m happy,” Padayachee said.

“I am quite nervous as this is all very new to both of us, but his first time in the new, faster kart really impressed me,” Padayachee said.

CADET CHAMP: Kaylim Padayachee photographed with the trophies he won over the 2016 karting season. Padayachee will race in the 60cc Mini Rok class this year and hopes to keep up with the more experienced racers


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