Authentic Durban Indian food just a phone call away

AUTHENTIC OFFERING: The Fat Chilli has brought Durban curry right to your doorstep, literally. This chicken bunny chow is a Durban favourite and the writer now knows why Picture: SUPPLIED

THE Fat Chilli is an exciting new food start-up that provides delicious Indian meals, directly to your door.

The Durban Indian food prepared and sold by The Fat Chilli owners Kamala and Craig are from recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation, and according to Craig, it will undoubtedly change your view of what good Indian food should taste like.

“Our recipes, like us, come from Durban, the heart of fantastic Indian food,” said Craig.

RICH AND TASTY: This butter chicken curry from The Fat Chilli is already one of their top dishes sold

The Fat Chilli is headed up by Kamala, who has been in the food industry for 12 years, and her son Craig, who is just as passionate about making good food as he is about eating it.

Kamala comes from a family of chefs, having owned restaurants and a catering company herself before relocating to East London to pursue other interests.

My girlfriend Bernie and I had a taste of The Fat Chilli’s offerings and would definitely recommend them for both deli- cious food and convenience. On the first night we got the lamb biryani with roti, salad and raita (a mint and coriander yoghurt sauce) for R60. We also had a serving of dahl curry on the side, a meal that is also ser- ved with roti, rice and salad for R40, and per- fect for vegetarians.

Bernie “absolutely loved” the mild but tasty biryani with tender lamb, and the serving was big enough for both of us.

My favourite was the combination of delicious buttery roti with the equally tasty dahl, a thick soup made with yellow split peas or dahl. The rich and light roti complemented the delicately spiced curry well with the mustard seeds popping in your mouth.

On the second night we tried a hot chicken and a mild lamb curry bunny chow, which showed The Fat Chilli’s roots as bunny chows are a staple food in Durban.

At R65 for the lamb and R55 for the chicken, it was real value for money as they fed four people and all were well pleased, not only with the portion sizes and the amount of filling but also with the “amazing” flavours.

INDIAN ISPIRATION: The Fat Chilli’s biryani is the dish that started the business as it was the first one made to order

On night three we had what Craig called their “very popular” butter chicken curry, at R65. This just continued the great flavours The Fat Chilli cram into their food, but it was a little richer than the other dishes we had tasted.

It is a chicken curry with a tomato base, finished off with cream to add that extra flavour and richness that just makes this dish so delicious.

The Fat Chilli started when one of Craig’s former bosses got a whiff of his “great biryani” and went to investigate.

“I gave him a taste of the biryani I took to work as my lunch and he immediately asked if he could order a pot of it.

“He literally asked for a price list and ordered biryani from me for months and so did many of the other staff. So we decided to make more dishes to sell and the rest is history,” said Craig.

They burst onto the East London food scene on January 26, their official launch date, but already have quite a following.

To see what they are about, order now and have your warm food delivered to your door.

Orders can be placed on the phone, via email or online using the online order form. Orders need to be placed a day in advance.

Payment can be made via EFT or COD, and delivery to your doorstep is absolutely free! Delivery areas and times can be viewed on

Contact details: Facebook: The Fat Chilli (New products and specials introduced regularly on FB). email: or call 073-263-5695


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