Drought yesterday‚ snow today for storm-ravaged Western Cape

Last week the Western Cape government declared the province a disaster area because of the severe drought.

Sutherland this morning.
Image by: Snow Report SA‏ @SnowReportSA

This week residents were warned to stay indoors to escape the wrath of the worst storm Cape Town had seen in 30 years. Gale force winds‚ rain‚ and now a thick blanket of snow has covered certain areas.

The storm that battered the city throughout Wednesday moved inland to Matroosberg‚ turning the torrential downpour into snow. Employees and guests at Matroosberg lodge awoke to a 10 cm of snow.

“The amount of snowfall we received is a lot for this time of the year. We have had people from Cape Town calling all day to come see it and enjoy‚” lodge manage Didi de Kock said.

Despite a power outage at the lodge De Kock said guests were still eager to come.

“We are fully booked this weekend and next weekend. We don’t expect power until the weekend at the earliest‚ but there are fireplaces in each one of the units. I think people want to come to get away from technology and enjoy each other’s company. Everything is about updating your feed‚ but this weekend is about the family‚” De Kock said.

De Kock noted this was the most snow the lodge had received in the last three years. Snowfall would continue to fall until late Thursday evening into Friday morning.

“I think it’s something that not everyone can experience. There are people that live 35 km from us and haven’t seen snowfall in their lives. There is just something about building a snowman or having a snowball fight that brings the little kid out in everyone‚” De Kock said.


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