New Life Church gives youth hope

THE East London Child and Youth Care Centre (ELCYCC) received a visit from 55 members of New Life Church congregation on Youth Day last week.

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The congregation spent the day at the Glen Stella Campus, where the children were treated to various games and activities, including fun soccer matches, colouring-in competitions and a jumping castle in celebration of Youth Day.

“As a centre we celebrate and acknowledge the resilience of each child in our care and educate them on their rights and responsibilities as well as how to raise their concerns and views without infringing on the rights of others,” social worker and fundraiser at ELCYCC, Larne Robus said.

The members of the New Life Church congregation supplied each child with a party pack and shared a meal with the children and staff at the ELCYCC.

The congregation also gave special thanks to the ELCYCC childcare team for the selfless work they do through a small gift for each childcare worker.

“The day was enjoyed by all and was a true blessing to see the children having fun and our staff receiving the appreciation they deserve,” said Robus.

Help fill children’s pencil bags

The centre, which is home to 105 children between the ages of 0 and 21, was established in 1924. Currently, the Glen Stella Campus is home to 89 children and another 16 children are housed at ELCYCC’s Beacon Bay facility. Apart from the children in their immediate care, last year the ELCYCC cared for 800 children in bordering communities. In the past six months this number has grown to 956 children.

“The need is always growing, we are always looking for volunteers and help in any way, shape or form. All they need is love and care and I’m so grateful to the members of New Life Church for spending their public holiday with us,” Robus said.

From medical to academic and emotional support, the ELCYCC is there supporting each child through every phase of their lives.

“In each unit, the children all help at meal times and make supper with our cooks in order for them to bond and learn new skills. We also teach practical skills such as beading, woodwork and sewing as well as computer skills,” Robus said.


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