Donation of mobile lab lift for township pupils

Khulani High School in Mdantsane has earned a formidable reputation as one of the best-performing schools in East London, that is excelling in mathematics and physical sciences.

Thanks to the donation of a new mobile science lab, physical science students are now able to conduct experiments and put their book knowledge into practical test and witness science come to life.

Ayabulela Mgubo, Akho Mdzanga and Mihlali Qoza of Khulani High conduct experiments with electrical current experiment, thanks to their new mobile science lab Picture: SIBONGILE NGALWA

The mobile lab was donated to the NU1 school earlier this year by the Standard Bank regional branch.

Physics teacher Nzame Vitshima said before the lab arrived, science and chemistry lessons were “dull and passive as pupils battled to fully grasp the concepts”.

“What was only theoretical is now practical and pupils are more interactive. Lessons have many elements involved in them now.

“It’s been a short while but their response and performance has improved. Pupils are showing interest and loving physics because they are now able to have their own demonstrations,” Vitshima said.

The teacher said while the lab was only the size of a table, the mobile lab has enabled him and his pupils to have innovative and interactive sessions, putting the fun back in to learning. When the Daily Dispatch visited the school, Grade 11 pupils were conducting an electric current experiment.

Akho Mdzanga said she had grown fonder of their chemistry lessons. “I love seeing how reactions take place. We were used to theorising and imagining lessons but now that there’s a lab, it’s become much easier to understand how it all works.”

Ayabulela Mgubo said: “I love the physical aspect of science because it is about learning more about things around you. We have electricity at home which I always see and use, but now I get to see how it is generated and actually works. I’m enjoying lessons more that I see what I’m learning about”.

Mihlali Qoza also said he loved physics more.

“ I didn’t understand electric currents and how they worked, but they always interested me. I also used to guess in exams when I came across certain questions but since I see it live, it’s easier to understand theory chapters.”

School principal Vuyisile Badiyana said since the school started offering physical science as a subject in 2009, they were previously unable to fully home into the new subject. “We responded to the needs of the day by bringing in physical science as a subject because offering only commercial subjects was too narrow an approach for our learners,” he said.

“We accommodate a smaller number in physical science in order to cultivate quality teaching and learning and lay a strong foundation for pupils beyond Grade 12. Our pupils are passionate about science and we believe that the quality of results will improve and sustain the school’s academic performance.” —


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