Tribute to Madiba

Locals heed 67 minutes call for Madiba day

IN THE spirit of Madiba and his vision to promote social justice and freedom for all, people from different sectors of society have grabbed the opportunity to try and change the world for the better – just as Nelson Mandela did.

MOPPING UP: Yizani Sakhe Community Development Project NPO members spent 67 minutes for Madiba Day cleaning the yard of a needy family in Breidbach Picture: DESMOND COETZEE

This was evident when the GO! visited those heeding the 67 minutes for Mandela day, who offered a little of their time to bring a change to causes close to their heart – or to make a difference, however small, to the life of someone else. One such organisation, the Breidbach-based Yizani Sakhe Community Development Project NPO devoted 67 minutes of its time to visit a needy family – and cleaned their yard.

Yizani Sakhe Community Development Project NPO members

The NPO was formed in September last year in Breidbach. It provides assistance to communities with regards to social issues, in conjunction with the departments of health and education.

Yizani director Basanda Dondashe, accompanied by 12 colleagues, came prepared with spades, forks and brooms to clean the yard of Maron Thompson, who could not thank them enough.

“This family is a client of one of my caregivers who brought their plight to my attention and since it’s Mandela Day today, [Tuesday] we decided to spend our 67 minutes here,” Dondashe said.

The Schornville Methodist Church Soup Kitchen (members pictured) received grocery from Saverite King William’s Town on Mandela Day

An elated Thompson said she could only “thank the Lord” for the gesture shown to them.

“The Lord is blessing me every day and that is why I always believe in the power of praying,” the 41-year-old mother of one child said.

“My husband is unemployed and will collect empty bottles and sell it for us to be able to put food on the table and I’m getting a stipend from the church each month and for cooking for the soup kitchen.

“Sometimes I have to sing at weddings or parties to earn a small income which also help to feed us,” Thompson said.

In another outreach effort, Breidbach Primary principal Ivan Harry and Saverite King William’s Town floor manager, Sidwell Tshaya, visited soup kitchens and the local clinic to hand over groceries.

KIND GESTURE: Saverite King William’s Town floor manager Sidwell Tshaya, right, handed over groceries to clinic operational manager Yoliswa Qamba. Also in the photograph are Breidbach Primary SGB chairman Deon Alexander, far left, and principal Ivan Harry Picture: DESMOND COETZEE

“Saverite supply ingredients for our soup kitchen at school and approached me to identify in our community organisations which could benefit from them as part of their 67 minutes for Madiba, and I took them the Schornville Methodist Church Soup Kitchen in Breidbach and to the local clinic where groceries were handed over,” Harry said..

“Whenever we send our pupils to the clinic they are always attended to immediately, so we are proud of the service rendered by our clinic,” Harry added.


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