ADT, Red Alert put boot in to criminals

OVER the past few months security companies have received high praise for their quick response time and success with making a number of arrests in East London.

Red Alert Alarms and Fidelity ADT are among the security companies that have had success; Red Alert Alarms alone made over 70 arrests in the last six months.

“We have had great success with making many arrests in East London from responding to break-ins at homes and businesses as well as by assisting members of the public who contact us for assistance in cases such as muggings and assault,” Red Alert Alarms regional operations manager Alistair Bleach said.

A photograph from a recent post on the Red Alert Facebook page read: “At around 2am a Red Alert armed response officer was checking an alarm in Buffalo Street, when he was approached by a frantic member of the public that had just been mugged.
“The officer leapt into action and quickly managed to apprehend the suspect after a brief chase. All goods were recovered and the suspect was handed over to the SAPS, where a case was opened. Well done to the armed response officer.”

Cambridge West resident, Ryan Strydom, praised Red Alert for their vigilance and quick response to an attempted break-in at his property. “Red Alert had such a quick response from the control room and reaction officer. Nothing was stolen and later that same day the officer patrolled my area again. A small note was left at my house to confirm his vigilance.

“It gives great piece of mind knowing Red Alert is always watching ensuring our safety. I have been with them for 10 years and have always had great service, thank you Red Alert alarms division,” Strydom said.

Many other residents have also commended the work of security companies on Facebook crime pages, regularly applauding their quick response time to calls.

“Criminals are becoming more sophisticated in their methods and we therefore encourage everyone to take steps within their means to safeguard their families and assets by contacting their security provider for advice on latest technologies,” Bleach said.

“We have had to adapt our approach as crime is becoming more violent and have done so by committing more personnel and infrastructure, as well as constantly upskilling our officers to deal with criminal trends,” he added.

Fidelity ADT have also adapted appropriately in order to fight crime more effectively, with their latest bust being made in the Cambridge area where a suspect was apprehended and arrested while inside the property.

Having various programmes in place and equipping their officers with state-of-the-art Kevlar vests and helmets while also carrying firearms, pepper spray and handcuffs, Fidelity ADT continues to ensure the safety of the community.

“Fidelity ADT vehicles have been deployed to patrol all the areas within our footprint to increase our visibility,” Fidelity ADT East London branch manager, Johan du Preez said.

“Our officers are equipped to be prepared for any situation they may face, even if it is of a dangerous nature.”

Bleach applauded the dedicated members of the South African Police Service, emphasising that the proactive relationship with SAPS was vital to combating such crime.

Red Alert Alarms insists that, upon making an arrest, an official case is opened and correct legal steps are taken against the suspect through SAPS.

“Without a case, suspects are released only to repeat their crimes. Without SAPS, our efforts would be more difficult,” Bleach said.

Fidelity ADT also pride themselves on working closely with law enforcement agencies such as SAPS in the fight against crime.

Red Alert regularly puts up Facebook posts about arrests and successes, helping even regular civilians that need assistance on the street.


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