‘Karate nurse’ excels at WJKA

Frere sister rises above adversity

A FRERE Hospital orthopaedic sister went to the World Japan Karate Association Championships in the Netherlands and came back with a silver and bronze medal recently.

INTERNATIONAL ACHIEVEMENT: Charleen Meiring, an orthopaedic sister at Frere Hospital, won a silver and bronze medal at the World JKA Championships Picture: QHAMANI LINGANI

Charleen Meiring celebrated her 51st birthday on July 1 when she was in Netherlands and during Women’s Month we at the GO! & Express celebrate her as a woman achieving great things.

She says winning the medals were a great birthday present to herself, with one medal for kata karate and the second one for kumite.

She recalled that she was reluctant to do shotokan karate but her daughter persuaded her to do it and she has never looked back.

“I am glad I joined because it is so much fun and boosts self-confidence. I remember when I started, I was so shy but now I am the most talkative person in the group,” recalls Meiring.

She said that fitness and technique is very important to master karate.

“One has to practise the katas because the World JKA tell you according to your belt what katas they will be asking you to partake in. You have your favourite and then there is a choice of five to get to the elimination round.”

“Another reason that I was glad I had started karate is that in March 2013 my divorce was finalised, and later that year, I spent two weeks at St Marks Hospital. I was glad I had karate to get me out of the house more than once a week. I don’t intend on stopping,” said Meiring.

Congratulations to Meiring on her achievements on a world stage and for rising above her circumstances.


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