GO People – Stephanie Smith


Q: Occupation?

A: I am a professional running coach through BOaST Running Success, which offers group or virtual coaching programmes.

Q: What motivates you to achieve more in life?

A: I don’t want to regret anything. I believe that if you have a talent you should take every opportunity to work at it and grow it. I find it exciting to see if I can set a goal a little higher each time I have achieved a goal. I never thought I would be able to finish a Comrades Marathon, but after years of training and commitment I was able to achieve a gold medal this year at Two Oceans and the Comrades. I guess goals motivate me, but above everything I am motivated by the fact that I have a healthy body and mind, a supportive, loving family and opportunities. I don’t want to waste my blessings.

Q: What keeps you grounded?

A: I know how it feels to feel “not good enough”. I have only started doing well at running long after I finished school. I don’t like it when people think they are “better” than someone else.

Q: What is your goal in life?

A: I want to be the best mother and wife I can be. I want to live a good, happy life; to be a kind and caring person. I’d also like to be able to run until I am 99 years old. And I love helping other runners achieve their goals.

Q: What are you currently reading and why?

A: I don’t have time to read a book. I cannot take my eyes off my (nearly) one-year-old daughter. When she goes to sleep, I’ll rather try and sleep too. I do like to “Google” anything running or nutrition related when I have a gap.

Q: What do you value most?

A: Family and health

Q: What would you like to see change in our country?

A: I like rules. I don’t like it when people break basic rules, such as throwing rubbish all over our beautiful Esplanade and beaches, or stealing from others or jumping red traffic lights. Basic common rules are easy to follow and if everyone just doesn’t break them, the world would be a better place.

Q: What is your favourite family destination in East London?

A: Nahoon Beach and 3 Silos parkrun.

Q: Where is your favourite place to eat in East London?

A: I love Bombay Express. Spicy food is my favourite. My husband doesn’t like spicy food so we like to go to Sanook or Country Bumpkin.



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