EC’s Hogsback boasts best falls in years


Hogsback residents expressed delight yesterday after experiencing “the best snow in ages” by uploading pictures to social media of people playing in the thick layer of snow.

But there were also electricity outages.

Speaking to the Dispatch yesterday, Hogsback’s Ilifu self-catering cottages owner Maggie Verster said it was wonderful.

PICTURE BOOK: Hogsback experienced a substantial snow fall following a cold front that swept across the Eastern Cape Picture: MAGGIE VERSTER

“The snow started last night [Wednesday] and then we had heavy rainfall and at about 11am today [yesterday] we had a lot of snow falling.

“The entire town is covered in snow and it is cold, wet and white out here. Every time it snows we are left without electricity,” she said.

Verster was unable to say how much snow fell on her property but advised visitors that Bolt Point was the best place to view the snow.

Hogsback Inn co-owner Alan Schilbach told the Dispatch this was their best snow in seven years.

“It is beautiful, and it is white all over town and it definitely is the best snow I have experienced.

“We have had a lot of enquiries and people had to stay over due to the conditions of the roads, but those who were here have experienced something truly amazing.

“Despite the havoc with us not having electricity, the snow is still the most beautiful thing,” he said.

Snow Report South Africa issued a warning to anyone, who wanted to view the snow on their Facebook page yesterday.

“Do not damage farmers’ fences. Do not litter. Do not open gates.

“There are many public areas that are easily accessible, and we urge you to make use of these areas.

“We all want to enjoy the snow and have fun. We don’t believe that it is necessary to trespass on private land in order to do this.

“Also, be safe! Do not go into places that your vehicle is not equipped to go.

“ Snow is a lot of fun, but can also be very dangerous!

“Please take the necessary precautions and enjoy the snow in a responsible manner,” it read.

South African Weather Services spokesman Garth Sampson said people could expect the weather to clear up today as the system begins weakening.

“While today will still see some residual snowfalls over the eastern Drakensberg, eastern parts of Eastern Cape and parts of KwaZulu-Natal, the system is expected to begin weakening and drifting eastwards towards the Indian ocean.” —

-Dispatch Live


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