‘Pastor’ drags heels paying back R240k

By Sisipho Zamxaka –

East London pastor and disgraced former estate agent Dumisani Sileku has not paid a cent of the R240000 he confessed to swindling from a prospective home buyer last year – except for a R15 airtime voucher.


Sileku, who at the time was an estate agent at the East London branch of Chas Everitt, is on record admitting to defrauding Mandisa Zele of Duncan Village of the money meant for a deposit for a house in Haven Hills.

Sileku promised to pay back Zele by August 20.

Zele said Sileku had only given her a R15 airtime voucher.

Contacted for comment on Monday, Sileku declined to comment.

This is not the first time Sileku had promised to pay back Zele and failed to do so.

In an affidavit seen by the Daily Dispatch and dated March 6, Sileku wrote: “I Dumisani Sileku hereby state under oath that I indebted to Mandisa Zele for the sum of R240000 of which a sum of R60000 will be paid over to Mandisa Zele by 31st of March 2017”.

Chas Everitt International said it had been told by police on August 7 that there was an intention to arrest Sileku.

Police could not confirm whether Sileku had been arrested but Zele said she had been told that he would appear in court on September 28.

Chas Everitt’s East London franchisee, Clinton Krouse, said: “We have helped her lodge a claim against the Estate Agent’s Fidelity Fund for the money she lost.

“We of course also immediately dismissed Mr Sileku from our employ and reported him to the Estate Agency Affairs Board with a request that his Fidelity Fund Certificate be withdrawn.

“We further advised Ms Zele that she should go the SAPS and open a case of fraud,” he said.



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