Beauty queen has giving spirit

Mrs Africa finalist in charity drives

HELPING OTHERS: Mrs Africa 2017 finalist Yonela Jindela has been doing charity work way before she entered the pageant, and now has the platform to do more for those in need Picture: SUPPLIED

BEAUTY with brains and a heart of gold Mrs Africa 2017 finalist, Yonela Jindela, shines both on and off the ramp.

Born in Mqekezweni Village in Mthatha, Jindela has always had a soft spot for charity work and giving back to the less fortunate.

“Charity was the main reason I entered this pageant. I heard of the competition through a friend.”

She said with her, giving back goes a long way and in order for her to help people she did not need to know them.

The financial manager recalled how her love for charity had started with the words her parents would utter about throwing food away, when there were people who did not know where their next meal would come from.

Jindela’s spirit of giving back stretches out to rural schools where she and colleague, Babalwa Mbuku, run a breakfast drive and donate porridge to schools. Jindela said it had come to her attention that some of the children went to school on an empty stomach. “We decided to start this breakfast drive which will assist a child get through the morning and be able to concentrate in class until the next meal which is the school feeding scheme [during break],” she said.

Being a finalist in the Mrs Africa 2017 pageant comes with hard work and dedication, she said.

She said winning the title would give her the opportunity of representing her country – and continent – internationally. It would also promote her personal brand as well as give her a platform from which to promote her charity work.

“I’ve always wanted to have my own foundation. Winning the competition will make that dream a reality,” Jindela said.

“To all the young girls and young women wanting to build themselves, they should never let anyone tell them they’re not good enough.

“I had never thought I’d make it to the finals of the Mrs Africa pageant but here I am, just one step closer to the crown. Believe in yourself, do what your heart tells you to do and you can do it,” she said.



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