GO People – Shalini Boucher

Shalini Boucher

Q: Occupation?

A: Owner of Sugarbakers in Bollywood.

FOR CHARITY: Shalini Boucher helping the needy through her soup kitchen

Q: Community/charity work?

A: I run a soup kitchen for the homeless outside the Sugarbakers shop every week.


Q: What motivates you to achieve more in life?

A: My family as well as the love and passion I have for what I do.


Q: What keeps you grounded?

A: My husband Leon Boucher keeps me grounded and is my voice of reason.


Q: Who is your role model?

A: The most amazing people in my life are my role-models – my mother Debbie Els and father Hennie Els.


Q: What is your motto in life?

A: Be humble in everything you do.


Q: What do you value most?

A: My amazing family and wonderful friends


Q: What book are you currently reading? Other hobbies?

A: At the moment I’m not reading a book as I’m attending Bible study, so I’m focusing more on the scriptures. Coming up with new cake ideas and recipes is what I love doing.


Q: What would you like to see change in our country?

A: The abuse of women and children, especially when the abuse is done by a loved one. I would like to see justice served properly to those men who are guilty of abuse.


Q: What is your favourite family destination in East London?

A: Nahoon Beach and Batting Bridge on the river bank.


Q: Where is your favourite place to eat in East London?

A: Cantina and Craft


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