Missing police clerk back home after mystery absence

A police clerk reported missing by police and her family last month, after she last reported for duty in June, has returned out of the blue.

Thembakazi Amelia Spayile’s father father, Zola, said his daughter, 37, walked into the Cambridge Police barracks where she stays on Thursday, four months after disappearing without a trace.

She has not said a word about her disappearance, her father Zola, 54, said yesterday.

The Dispatch called Spayile yesterday, but the mother of two boys aged seven and 10 ended the call after one question from the Dispatch.

Her father, who stays in Duncan Village with his two grandsons, told the Dispatch yesterday that his “traumatised” daughter had been admitted to a psychiatric facility.

He said his daughter, who gets panic attacks at night and cries, told him she would be killed if she told people where she had been.

“I suspect that my daughter’s life is in danger here. She was not in a nice place all this time she was away from us.”

The police have a different version of her return.

Police spokesman Captain Mluleki Mbi said Spayile was found in a room at a Cambridge house in “good” physical condition.

Mbi said Spayile was attending sessions at the SAPS employee health and wellness section as part of “intervention and support”.

Mbi said she had not revealed to her colleagues or bosses where she was but an internal investigation would be launched.

“Her period of absence from work is being dealt with internally. The SAPS appreciates the support and cooperation received from members of the public,” said Mbi.

Spayile has made headlines in the Dispatch twice since police issued a statement announcing her missing last month.

Yesterday Zola Spayile said although his daughter was physically looking good, he was concerned about her state of mind.

“She doesn’t speak or eat, and wakes up in the middle of the night and starts crying.

“And when I asked her where she was she said she would be killed if she revealed it.”

It is not clear whether Spayile was drawing her salary during the four months absence.

Mbi would not confirm whether she was getting paid during her absence, saying: “We are unable to discuss her remuneration package with the media as that forms part of her contract with the employer.”

Zola Spayile said all he wanted was to see his daughter’s life return to normal.


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