Play park to get welcome upgrade

WHEN crossing the Breidbach Bridge, your attention is immediately attracted to the new palisade fencing around the play park close to the entrance of the community.

Schornville-based firm Ginti Company was appointed by Buffalo City Municipality (BCM) to enclose the area in an effort to curb the illegal dumping and also to safeguard families and children from thugs.

SAFETY FIRST: The newly fenced play park is set to bring joy to residents in Breidbach Picture: DESMOND COETZEE

During a visit to the site, Ginti supervisor Elvis Klein said they will clean the area on the boundary where palisade fencing would be erected.

“We are hoping to complete the job within a week and four locals have also been employed to assist us,” said Klein.

Parks are great places for kids to play outside as it is important for outdoor recreation in the development of healthy and happy children.

However, the park facility, which is the only one in Breidbach, was neglected for many years as all play equipment has been broken.

Though they understand the need for the park’s upgrade, the neighbours had mixed feelings about the new development.

Jeffrey Meyers, who resides next to the park, said: “I welcome the idea, especially the fencing as it would prevent people from jumping into my yard.”

Basie Jacobs is concerned that there would be no gates to deny access to revellers who will use the place to party until deep into the night.

“I saw the plans and know that an opening will be left for people to walk through at the top and another one for cars at the bottom, so I am pleading with the authority to consider my plea to put gates up which I am prepared to control,” said Jacobs who is a police officer.

Work being completed on the public play park in Breidbach

Ginti Company owner Kevin Trompeter said the specifications received from BCM was to leave open the two spaces but he personally has no problem to put on gates if the instructions are given to him.

A foreign shop owner trading opposite the park who wanted to remain anonymous, is concerned that he will lose clients due to the fencing around the park.

“The fence will block my clients from coming to buy. So to me, business will not be the same as before,” he said.

BCM parks manager Babalwa Jezile said: “We will definitely put on gates at both openings today or tomorrow. They have been sent for galvanising in East London as we speak.”

Jezile mentioned that there is a roll-out to upgrade all parks and certain parks have been identified for this financial year. “All equipment will be replaced with new ones at the park in Breidbach as it is rusted and outdated.”


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