Alleged meth ‘cook’ in court over drug haul

By Zwanga Mukhuthu

Alleged meth (tik) cook Kingsley Obi Udeobi, 31, appeared in the East London Magistrate’s Court this morning after he was allegedly found with 105kg of processed and unprocessed drugs worth R70-million.

Kingsley Obi Udeobi

Udeobi was arrested on Sunday in a Belgrevia flat by members of the Hawks’ South African Narcotics Enforcement Bureau.

They allegedly found him in possession of equipment used to manufacture the drugs.

His case was postponed to November 6 for a formal bail application. He was remanded in custody.

State prosecutor Dumisani Kumbaca told presiding magistrate Rochelle Sam that the drugs were sent to the national SAPS laboratory for testing and that the results would be available after three months.


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