Hindu society brings chair cheer to school

TAKE A SEAT: The ladies from the East London Hindu society Kailash Mandal handed over new chairs to the pupils at Parkside Primary School last week Picture: THANDEKA NTLONTI

IT WAS all smiles for Parkside Primary pupils last week Wednesday when the East London Hindu society Kailash Mandal donated chairs and stationery hampers courtesy of Paperback Shack and Web Stationers to the school.

The Kailash Mandal is a young women’s organisation which has supported many charities over the years.

A member of the Hindu society, Rohini Patel, said they knew about the lack of equipment through Helen Christian, a Grade R teacher at the school, when she spoke at a high tea held last month.

“The high tea served as both a social event and a charity fundraiser, with more than a 100 people attending the gathering and some people came with stationery to donate. That event could not have come at a better time for Parkside Primary,” said Patel.

“The sight of a child sitting on a crate and bricks is heartbreaking. The ladies’ first point of call was to ensure that all the children had chairs to sit on,” said Patel.

Toys were bought for the fantasy play area and some educational and literacy material, such as reading books and puzzles, were also donated. This was made possible by East London businesses and sole proprietors.

Parkside Primary acting principal Cynthia Butler said she was ecstatic about such a donation and that is was not the first time the society made a donation to the school.

“They came here at the beginning of the year after they had seen an article in the GO! & Express about Parkside Primary and they came and asked how they could assist,” said Butler.

And assist they did … as pupils will enjoy sitting in class more on their new chairs.


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