Television fame for EL Coke collector

Bruton’s memorabilia features on DStv

LOCAL Coca-Cola collector, Peter Bruton was recently filmed and interviewed for the South African programme, Vrydag 4 Uur, in which over 3500 items from his extensive collection will feature.

COOLDRINK FAN: Peter Bruton shows off his massive Coca-Cola collection that will be featured on TV tomorrow Picture: FILE

Being the most advertised brand in the world, Bruton has collected more than 8500 Coca Cola items. From yo-yos and flags to radios, Bruton’s private collection is the largest in South Africa.

“I started collecting many years ago and although it is my own personal collection, it has been dubbed the Coke Museum. Coca- Cola is universal, wherever you go everyone knows exactly what you are talking about and that’s what appealed to me,” Bruton said.

“I don’t really advertise much but the Coke Museum has been named one of the top three things to do in East London and that’s how the Vrydag 4 Uur team found out about it. I was still surprised when SABC called to set up the interview.”

Bruton’s Coca-Cola collection can only be viewed by appointment and Bruton himself guides visitors, showing various items he has acquired over the years.

Burton’s impressive collection will be broadcast tomorrow on Vrydag 4 Uur on Channel 147 at 5:30 pm.


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