Somila making a name with rhymes

POET SOCIETY: Somila Cungwa, 26, is gaining popularity as a poet Picture:SUPPLIED

SOMILA Cungwa, 26, also known as S.O-Squared The Soul Hand, is a passionate poet from Mdantsane who is hoping to inspire people with his poetry.

Cungwa started writing poetry at the age of 12 while at Mntlabati Primary School.

“ I recited my first poem 10 years ago at a talent show hosted by my former high school, Buchule Technical High School. From there, my love of writing and reciting poetry grew immensely.”

The Human Resource Management graduate also performed at the Buffalo City College where he was a student.

“My inspiration comes from everywhere – ordinary people, nature, the imaginary world and the spiritual realm. Currently my favourite poem is Libehle litshona by WN Mbovane, and my favourite poet is Saul Williams.” He is focused on enlightening people about the need to love themselves, with his poetry having a philosophical slant.

“I am involved in the NGO, the Plant A Seed project, where we groom and nurture children from primary schools to allow them to write and recite poetry.

“Over the years, my poetry has developed and transcended to music as I am also a singer and guitarist, so I merge my poetry with music.”

Cungwa performs at weddings, gala dinners ad other social events at the Mdantsane arts centre. He believes Mdantsane does not get the support it deserves from government stakeholders.

“We need more promoters. The province has a huge number of talented artists who are not given the platform to showcase their work.”
You can follow him on Facebook, SOSquared Cungwa, SO_Cungwa and on Instagram, SOSquared.


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