African Curios a cultural journey of choice

THE newly opened curio shop African Curios is set to provide East Londoners with all sorts of unique and wonderful ornaments and trinkets from all over Africa.

Nancy Kuria

The curios are imported from various African countries, including Kenya, Mozambique, Malawi, Ghana, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe among others, offering customers a wide variety and cultural diversity.

African Curios offers wooden and iron carvings, sculptures, Maasai, Fang, Tikar and Zambian masks, wooden salad bowls, beaded cultural jewellery, fabric art, as well as Zulu and Maasai spears.

Starting out in the curio business 15 years ago, Kenyan widow Nancy Kuria always dreamt of owning her own curio shop and now her dream has become a reality.

Kuria was a resident curio seller at the Quigney beachfront for many years.In the past year, all of Kuria’s curios have been taken by the waves, forcing her to start again from scratch a couple of times.

African Curios is based on Esplanade Street, in Quigney near the East London Aquarium and is open daily from 6am to 6pm.

For more information and price lists, contact Kuria on 081-035-3007.


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