Chess brothers have the moves

STIRLING Primary School chess champions, Samuel and Sebastian Chang, recently took part in the South African Junior Chess Championships in Johannesburg where they both excelled.

CHECK MATE, BROTHER: From left, Stirling Primary School brothers Sebastian and Samuel Chang show off their wonderful achievements at the recent South African Junior Chess Championships. Picture: SUPPLIED

Competing against 14 players from all over the country, 11-year-old Sebastian achieved first place in the B section and also won the U12 Board prize, while younger brother Samuel achieved second place in the under 8 category.

At only seven, Samuel has been chosen to play in the South African Closed Championships in April.If he wins, the young chess player will go on to compete in a tournament in Greece.

“I am extremely proud of them. They are both very passionate about chess and it is a great privilege to teach this calibre of child,” Stirling Primary Chess teacher, Lynn Hill, said.

The brothers both started playing chess from a young age, honing their talents over the years.

Through various tournaments during 2017, the brothers were selected as two of the top players in the province, earning them a spot at the SA Junior Championships.

“I like playing chess because I watched my brother playing and then I started playing as well when I was in Grade 1,” Grade 2 pupil, Samuel, said.

“When I make a mistake it can change the whole game, but I never give up! I feel very excited and very proud of myself,” he said.

Agreeing with his younger brother, Sebastian said that the most difficult thing about playing chess is having the discipline to never lose concentration.

“You have to calculate all the moves you make and strategise. I like chess because it makes you use your brain and use maths. I love to have a challenge,” Grade 6 pupil, Sebastian said.

Stirling Primary school is very proud of these two young talents, with their chess teacher supporting them and their achievements.

“ I am sure that both Sebastian and Samuel will continue to go from strength to strength,” Hill said.


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