Going extra mile for the children

KEEP ON WALKING: Mdantsane resident Tabisa Lolilwe helps a school pupil with the new shoes she donated

BORN and bred in Mdantsane, born and bred, Tabisa Loliwe, is a woman with a purpose of changing the lives of young people’s lives who are from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Loliwe decided to establish her own registered foundation, the TeeLo Foundation, in March 2016 to where she helps school pupils by assisting them with their homework and by donating school essentials.

“I come from a very poor, mostly uneducated family and most uneducated, when I was growing up, I told myself that I want to be the one who that breaks down this cycle chain and be a university graduate.”

Loliwe said when she did her researched the reasons for on the poor bad matric pass rate, the Eastern Cape province is suffering, she realised concluded that the pupils were taught in their mother tongue, isiXhosa, and then struggled to understand had difficulties in of understanding English instructions during examinations.
The foundation also donated school shoes to the pupils.

“I know the feeling of not having anything; I used to be mocked for going to school barefooted and I know how cruel children can be to others. I was mocked and you can imagine how this one is affects one,”ed by this,” said Loliwe.

Loliwe has donated more than over 300 school jerseys and shoes since 2016, and hundreds of sanitary pads were to three Tsholomnqa schools: Gqala Primary School,Phozi Primary School and Xhamini Primary School, as well as and one school in Duncan Village, Dyam-Dyam Primary School in Duncan Village.

“The foundation has a career exhibition in the pipeline aimed at Grade 9 nine pupils. I want to see neat, confident and motivated children who will help others to get good marks and be successful,” she said.

“There are other non-profit organisations that are making a difference in people’s lives, just like the Project Khulisanani. I am impressed by on the dedication that the young people are putting in to help change ing each other’s’ lives.

The TeeLo Foundation relies depends on donations from family members, friends, as well as and from Ssocial Mmedia platforms.

“Making a difference in people’s lives is my first love, helping and touching lives is what I do. I am hoping the matric pass rates will eventually improve and reach the top three in the country,” Loliwe said.


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