Reaching out to the needy

MAKING A DIFFERENCE: A Random Act Of Kindness (AROK) members put a smile on a Mdantsane woman’s locals face after painting and cleaning her house Picture: SUPPLIED

NON Profit organisation A Random Act of Kindness (AROK) is helping to make a difference in East London.

The organisation was started by locals Masibulele Nolusu, Philani Mpanza, Olwethu Ndendela and Odwa Ngxokela in April 2016.

The main aim of AROK is to fight against poverty in communities and to help those in need.
Recently AROK had an Everybody’s Birthday at Sange Child and Youth Care Centre in Chicken Farm Road.

“The day was filled with joy and entertainment with the help and support of our friends and associates. The first Everybody’s Birthday was on September 24 2016 at Masizakhe Children’s Home in Mdantsane,” Nolusu said.

“During our visits to different homes, we realised that these children do not celebrate their birthdays due to financial constraints, so we saw it fitting to make the children feel special.”
The organisation has a database of homes in and around East London that are in need of any financial assistance.

“Before we provide help we go to these homes and check which are most in need. We are conscious of the plight that some of the East London communities face due to unemployment. We therefore decided we would give back with the little that we have to bring about change.”

AROK has also been involved in other projects like the Back To School campaign which involved a partnership with another organisation in January to donate school uniforms and stationery to underprivileged pupils.

“During Nelson Mandela Day, on July 18, we invite our friends and anyone else who wants to dedicate their 67 minutes to do good to join us. We have identified a home that needs help and our team carries out any work to be done on it such as painting, repairing and other refurbishments at the home, while also bringing donations of food parcels.”

Nolusu said on Christmas day, the group spends time with senior citizens in old age homes.

“We prepare a cooked lunch and also present each of them with a gift.”
Nolusu said they used their own money but were also assisted via sponsorships and the aid of friends.

Follow them on the Facebook Page AROK, on Twitter, arokalive and Instagram.


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